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Star Trek, Kirk again

So here are twenty more icons on my beloved Captain Kirk. For the challenge at startrek20in20 



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Star Trek, 20 icons from Season Two

Hello there! Are you in the mood for 20 icons from S2? Challenge startrek20in20 


All the batch donwhereCollapse )

Spock x 20!

And finally a new set for the challenge at startrek20in20 

Spock this time!


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Star Trek 20in20 challenge, Round 16

Challenge about various Star Trek stuff at startrek20in20 


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Star Trek 20 icons

These are my 20 icons about the various Star Trek series, made for the challenge down at startrek20in20 



All Star Treks...Collapse )

Han and Luke Second part

This is the second part of the icons I had made for the community, now estinguished, swsaga100 

Total Icon Count:


TEASER! Icon 009 TEASER! Icon 011 TEASER! Icon 021

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Kirk and Spock new batch

 My 20 icons for the new challenge atscifipair20in20 



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Han Solo 20 icons

Happy New Year!

20 icons of terrific Han Solo for the challenge starwars20in20 


TEASER! Icon 002 TEASER! Icon 019 TEASER! Icon 024

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Old Hollywood last batch for a long time

As I entitled my entry, this is the last bunch taken from my exciting days at classics_stills


Total Icon Count: 18


TEASER! Icon 006 TEASER! Icon 014 TEASER! Icon 017

Icons Here!Collapse )
Geeze, I'm making it! I had to enter this batch of 20 icons deadline TONIGHT!!! Challenge scifipair20in20

So, i'm sorry these are a bit simple, but I had acccess to different computers, with different settings, a different PS version and, above all, different, or, better, very slim gradients, textures etc provided. Kirk and Spock deserved better than this, but I hope you can enjoy these icons anyway.
Also, this time I made rather slashy icons, it's the first time I do that with S/K. You have been warned. ;)